L2 transport

The LL-IX traffic exchange network gives its clients the opportunity to use Privet peering (VLAN) between the members of any of the points of presence using the 802.1Q standard.

Both Point-To-Point and Point-To-Multipoint Ethernet transports (between three or more ports) are supported. The conditions of use and restrictions: The available for use 802.1q VLAN numbers are provided by the LL-IX control panel or by the NOC department from the pool of available numbers in the requested direction (scope).
LL-IX does not provide IP addresses for L2 transport.

The MTU value of all VLANs is set to the maximum possible by default: 9216 bytes.
This value can be changed on request of the client.
There are no particular limitations on capacity for transport: the capacity of transport is limited only by your tariff. A member can build both point-to-point (between two ports) and point-to-multipoint (3 or more ports of members) transport.