Route servers


RS1-UA UA, Kharkiv 2001:678:4fc::1/48 59947
RS2-UA UA, Kharkiv 2001:678:4fc::2/48 59947
RS1-RO RO, Bucharest 2001:678:4fc::3/48 59947
RS2-RO RO, Bucharest 2001:678:4fc::4/48 59947
RS1-DE DE, Frankfurt 2001:678:4fc::5/48 59947
RS2-DE DE, Frankfurt 2001:678:4fc::6/48 59947
RS1-CZ CZ, Prague 2001:678:4fc::7/48 59947
RS2-CZ CZ, Prague 2001:678:4fc::8/48 59947

Connection to RS servers takes the place via BGP protocol (RFC 4271), and can be installed with one or more RS servers in the location, where is a physical connection to the LL-IX equipment port.

The announcements received by the LL-IX servers are filtered according to the following rules:
  1. Do not accept announcements in which the origin field does not match the same field of the route / route6 object in the IRR database (RIPE or RADB), or the origin is not listed in the corresponding AS-SET object;
  2. The announcements of the networks listed in RFC1918 are not accepted;
  3. The default route is not accepted.

The IX members receive the routes that are the best among those received from all the peers. As next-hop, the IP address of the peer is transmitted, which advertised this best route. The as-path attribute is passed unchanged. There is a list of BGP community to manage announcements on other participants of IX, which allows to extend the path advertised to a certain participant of IX, and also to filter the announcement of the prefix to a certain feast.

BGP community

BGP community Description
59947:59947 announce to all participants of the IX (the default action)
0:peer-as does not announce prefix to peer-as participant
59947:peer-as to announce the prefix to the specified participant
0:59947 do not announce the prefix to anyone
1:peer-as a one-time prepend towards the peer-as participant
2:peer-as a two-time prepend towards the peer-as participant
3:peer-as a three-time prepend towards the peer-as participant
59947:666 send to blackhole